Pur şi simplu... Google

Adică e un API :smile:.

În mail-ul cu rezervarea de mașină apare o secțiune de tipul
  <script type=3D"application/ld+json">
  "@context": "http://schema.org" ,
  "@type": "RentalCarReservation" ,

dar în mail-ul cu boarding pass-ul nu găsesc nimic asemănător.
Google dev apologizes after Photos app tags black people as “gorillas”

...on Monday, when an African-American man looked in his Google Photos collection and discovered an automatically generated album of him and his black female friend labeled "gorillas."

... received an official response from Google's Chief Social Architect Yonatan Zunger within an hour and a half, and it didn't mince words: "Holy fuck. G+ CA here. No, this is not how you determine someone's target market. This is 100 percent not okay."

Da, e mai nuanțat.

"Practic din nou-creata divizie Google vor face parte activitatile de baza (Search, Advertising, Maps, YouTube si Android), iar restul activitatilor vor deveni divizii separate (Google Ventures, Google Capital, Google X, Life Sciences si Calico) ce vor face parte din holdingul Alphabet."
Am ajuns cu barca in Sf. Gheorghe și Google insistă cu parking location :smile: Screenshot_20170511-141133.png
Cu asta n-am probleme, da' cum naiba dezactivez autoplay la featured content de pe cont? Suplimentar, există opţiune de "remove trailer", dar e degeaba, nu se întâmplă nimic.
Google's new tool will answer your questions by reading thousands of books | World Economic Forum

Imagine if you could gather thousands of writers in a circle to discuss one question. What would optimist Thomas L. Friedman say about intervening in Syria, for example? Would chaos theorist Santo Banerjee concur?

Google now has a way to convene that kind of forum—in half a second. Speaking to TED curator Chris Anderson on April 13, legendary futurist Ray Kurzweil introduced “Talk to Books” a new way to find answers on the internet that should bring pleasure to researchers, bookworms and anyone seeking to expand their thinking on a range of topics.
Da, va fi folosit intens de banci, asiguratori si alte firme care vor sa scape de clientii care-i suna. Utilizatorii casnici vor fi ceva nesemnificativ.