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eMule 0.42d

Clientul eMule a suferit numeroase schimbări faţă de versiunea 0.3x. Cu toate astea, numărul subunitar sugerează un soft beta, ceea ce nu este deloc adevărat.


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Opera Sings with IBM's Speech Technology

Today at AVIOS, SpeechTEK 2004, Opera Software announced the upcoming release of a multimodal desktop browser that incorporates IBM's Embedded ViaVoice speech technology. By leveraging IBM's voice libraries in this version of Opera, users can navigate, request information and even fill in Web forms using speech and other forms of input in the same interaction.

Detalii AICI.


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După 3 ani de lucru, a apărut GIMP 2.0.

"This release is a major event, marking the end of a three year development cycle by a group of volunteers and enthusiasts who have made this the most professional release of the GIMP ever. It is the first stable release that is officially supported not only on Unix-based operating systems, but also on Microsoft Windows and Macintosh OS X."


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DC++ 0.401
-- 0.401 2004-03-28 --
* Fixed the dupe file issue
* Hopefully fixed the dupe op issue
* Rephrased remove dupes option (thanks garg)

-- 0.400 2004-03-27 --
* Fixed escape in user commands (thanks garg)
* Probably fixed search frame hang
* Exact size in queue frame (thanks cologic)
* Ip in search frame (thanks cologic)
* Small fix to transfer view sorting (thanks torgny nyblom)
* User commands in transfer view (thanks torgny nyblom)
* Extra logging in main status bar (thanks garg)
* Option not to bold queue tab (thanks garg)
* Option not to send unknown /-commands (thanks garg)
* Hopefully fixed some encoding issues with the xml filelist
* Hashing is now mandatory (stop whining, it was only meant to be optional in 0.307)
* Match files now works correctly with TTH's in queue
* Hub name more or less correct on TTH results in search frame
* Added search by TTH to queue frame
* Large speed improvement in user list loading when lists sorted on user name
* Fixed inverted ratio of uploads
* New icons in window menu (thanks garg)
* SFV failure message (thanks garg)
* Bolds for defaults in some menus (thanks garg)
* Fixed random filelist crash
* Performance improvement in background match queue
* Dupe file check done by TTH value

-- 0.307 2004-03-10 --
* Experimental release, lots and lots of core code has changed => high fatal bug probability.
* Fixed full name being displayed in user commands with submenus
* Bloom filters dramatically improve cpu efficiency on incoming searches (if you have a large share)
* Auto match results shown in status bar
* Added option to match autosearch filenames exactly to further avoid the wrong file being downloaded (default on)
* End of zlib transfer test period, semantics slightly changed ($GetTestZBlock -> $GetZBlock, $Sending changed)
* Speed increase when loading shares with many files of the same size (thanks farcry)
* Added file hashing, turn it off in advanced settings (experimental)
* Merkle trees and tiger hashing added for TTH hash support
* Compression totally rewritten, should also fix a few minor issues
* Compression (GetZBlock) and hashing (TTHSearch) is advertised to hubs through $Supports, I advise hubs to advise
its users to keep at least hashes on so that searching by hashes will work efficiently (as it's only useful if
all clients on the hub support it).
* Fixed bug where no/invalid file listing would be written if there was no disk space (the old one is used now
* XML File lists that contain hashes if available, and support full utf-8 names (correct viewing is not guaranteed,
but download should work)
* Upgraded to zlib 1.2.1 (thanks garg)
* Extra column for hub in transfer list (thanks torgny nyblom)
* Copy nick to clipboard in transfer list (thanks torgny nyblom)
* Files starting with a '.' are no longer shared if hidden files are not shared (...unix...)
* Fixed a minor memory leak when an invalid search result is returned (exploitable minor security issue)
* Slight speedup of file list loading
* File IO rewritten (major change)
* Rollback no longer depends on buffer size
* /rebuild rebuilds the hash database and potentially reduces the size of the raw hash data file (also checks
its integrity)
* Ip column in transfer list (thanks cologic)
* Scrollbar for multiline messages (thanks garg)
* Fixed an issue with icon transparencies (thanks garg)


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Total Commander 6.03 ~ 1.4M
This upgrade corrects some problems, mainly with the new functions introduced with Total Commander 6.0. It also corrects an incompatibility between the big file copy mode (in Configuration - Options - Copy/Delete) and certain Adaptec RAID5 controllers which can cause data corruption. Update highly recommended!


IrfanView 3.90, probabil cel mai bun viewer şi converter de imagini.

Salvarea fişierelor PNG cu transparenţă mi se pare cea mai mare îmbunătăţire a noii versiuni.


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Monkey's Audio 3.99

Programul care dă naştere (probabil) celui mai răspândit format de compresie audio lossless (fără pierdere de calitate) - APE. Chiar dacă nu foloseşti aşa ceva, merită instalat măcar plugin-ul de Winamp pentru că nu se ştie când dai peste un fişier APE şi nu ştii ce să faci cu el.


IrfanView 3.91

Au stat juma' de an până să dea drumul la 3.90 şi la câteva săptămâni vedem deja 3.91. Nici o îmbunătăţire majoră la prima vedere dar e o plăcere să descarci o nouă versiune. :smile: Mai ales când e vorba de doar 800 KB.