Noi apariţii/versiuni de software popular

BitDefender Professional 7.2 - 10.5 MB
BitDefender Free Edition v7 - 10.4 MB

Un alt antivirus romanesc, alaturi de (ex?)autohtonul RAV.
Doua lucruri amuzante imi vin in minte cind ma gindesc la software-ul de mai sus:
Primul se refera la link-ul dat de MajorGeeks: Desi am dat click pe el, n-a mers. In ultima instanta, am schimbat extensia .com cu .ro si am vazut ca lucrurile stau altfel. :wink:

Al doilea este ceva mai vechi. La o zi dupa ce postasem o stire legata de virusi si de motoarele online de scanare, primesc doua mail-uri (aparent identice) politicoase dar destul de "intepate" de la SoftWin, nimeni alta decit firma ce a creat BitDefender. Autorul mail-urilor ma intreba, oarecum retoric, de ce nu am mentionat si produsul lor in lista respectiva. Ce m-a intrigat a fost acuza extrem de fina prin care imi taxa omisiunea, facind paralela cu "dezinteresul pentru industria de software autohtona". In schimb, ce mi-a stirnit zimbetul a fost un detaliu, si anume faptul ca, vorbind "in general" de aceasta industrie, autorul a spus ceva si de RAV. Deschizind la intimplare al doilea mail (ce parea un simplu double send), observ ca autorul a scos referirea la RAV de data aceasta. :smile:

Nu mai stiu exact care fusesera motivele pentru care nu inclusesem BitDefender, cert e ca dupa primirea mail-ului am bijbiit dupa motorul de care imi vorbea. Acum am dat imediat de el, propabil pentru ca au schimbat design-ul site-ului (cred), am avut noroc sau pur si simplu sint mai destept. :biggrin:

Produse trial
Produse free
Changelog 7.2
Eu rulez de o vreme versiunea beta, fără probleme. Nu am văzut mari diferenţe faţă de 1.2, doar că e mai user-friendly şi are şi interfaţă în limba română.
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QuickTime Alternative 1.30 RC3 - 6.4 MB
QuickTime Alternative will allow you to play QuickTime (.mov .qt) files. This way there is no need to install the offical QuickTime Player. As a bonus, Internet Explorer will play all QuickTime movies that are embedded in a webpage. You do need a player that is capable of handling QuickTime movies. The included Media Player Classic works very well with QuickTime.
RealPlayer 10.0 Beta - 9.5 MB
Iarasi, un soft ce nu mai are nevoie de prezentare. Pentru cei ce au lipsit in ultimii zece ani de pe planeta Pamint, o scurta prezentare:
Helix Powered RealPlayer is the all-in-one digital media player that lets you find anything and play everything. Now also includes an option during setup to install the Real Toolbar for Internet Explorer.
Rip, mix & burn CDs like a pro - fast! Encode MP3s at up to 320kbps.
Lame 3.95.1

Encoder-ul Lame a ajuns la versiunea asta însă până la testarea riguroasă, 3.90.3 rămâne versiunea recomandată.
LAME 3.95 / January 11 2004
- fixed lowpass values when using vbr with mono files
- faster quantization loops
- faster count_bits
- fixed a buffer requirement error in ACM codec
- fixed mpglib and other decoding support code to prevent the crash when invalid mp3 input
- removed Layer I decoding support
- use FastLog and IEEE 754 hack on PowerPC too (approx. 10 percent faster)
LAME 3.95.1 / January 12 2004
- fixed a crash when using vbr-new
- changed ReplayGain reference level to 89dB
Lame 3.95.x vs. 3.90.3

DC++ v0.306
-- 0.306 --
* Fixed an issue with UNC paths (those starting with "\\")
* Changed autosearch so that it only searches if less than 5 sources are online, this should stop galloping
filelist downloads as well
* Upgraded to WTL 7.1, should fix a few UI issues
* Fixed brightness of compressed transfer progress bars
* Fixed a crash with badly formatted compressed transfer requests
* Some work on memory managment, dramatically improving DC++'s behaviour with large queues / shares
* Auto-match queue is only done on exact match
* Fixed a bug in the compressor that may have caused compressed uploads not to finish and/or 100% cpu
* The sound part of partially corrupted queues is now recovered
* When opening a file list from search results, the file's directory is automatically shown
* An extra buffer flush is done to ensure that file lists are fully written to disk
* Readme automatically shown for new users (thanks johnny)
* Filename is shown on transfer error (no slots etc) (thanks ciber)
* Ctrl-tab order is now the standard last-seen
* Added support for user command menu subitems (add a '\' to the name)
* Fixed locale setting bug
* Added option to automatically add items to queue from ADL search (thanks twink)
* Fixed share sizes not being updated with the "share hidden" box (thanks theparanoidone)
* Directories with '$' in the name are no longer shared (they can't be downloaded)
* Favorite users can now have descriptions
* Added filesize and filesizeshort to search frame %[...] macros (thanks gadget)
* Added option not to log filelist transfers
* Fixed some issues with being / not being op

Nero Burning ROM
Changes from Nero to

Nero Burning ROM / Nero Express
  • Prevent Nero Burning ROM / NeroExpress from closing when it is currently burning has been fixed
  • The pause settings of Video CD and Super Video CD compilation was not taken into account in some circumstances has been fixed
Nero Burning ROM
  • Fixed incorrect handling of DVD-Video burn process
Nero Express
  • Burning a second image on a CDRW fails with NeroExpress has been fixed
  • Layout reorganization problems when using the Japanese language has been fixed
  • Painting problem in the page that appears at the end of the burn process has been fixed
Nero StartSmart
  • When inserting a DVD-Video under Windows XP, auto play brings up an option for Nero StartSmart when it should not. This has been fixed
  • German text is now completed for Nero StartSmart
  • Corrected DVD-Video autoplay handler in case no application is available to handle playbackNero ImageDrive
    • Improved driver stability under Windows 2000 and XP
AudioGrabber va fi lansat ca freeware.

Autorul software-ului (Jackie Franck) este cel care a dezvoltat AudioCatalyst pentru Xing (detalii). De AudioCatalyst n-am mai auzit de mult timp nimic, de când (bănuiesc că) au fost cumpăraţi de Real Networks (link-ul de download duce la această pagină, de unde se poate cumpăra Xing MP3 Encoder.

M-am pierdut în amănunte, ideea e că AudioGrabber va fi oferit gratuit datorită contractului cu Xing care va expira pe 9 februarie 2004.
Style XP 2.0 Final, nu cred ca mai are nevoie de prezentare.
Exista 2 versiuni una pentru ladies (12.9 M) si pentru men (8.9 M)
StyleXP 2.0 has several important bug fixes to StyleXP 1.0 related to visual styles. In addition, it now supports Boot Screens, Icon Sets, and Taskbar Transparency. You can also edit the Icon Sets to customize the icons for your own look.
Koepi's XviD Codec RC1
- Cleaned up VfW-GUI
- Colour space assignment fixes (dshow)
- Weight zones fixed
- Overhauled VfW status window in general
- Bugfixes in the plugin system
- Statsfile existence gets checked now on 2nd pass
- Postprocessing fix
- Faster first pass QPel gets disabled as well now
- Installer deletes old XviD configuration (no need for "Load defaults" after install)