Noi apariţii/versiuni de software popular

Au umblat iar nemernicii la butoane / meniuri / skin. :bash: Si bineinteles ca tot nu merge corect. Altceva nou nu vad.

Late edit: dupa 24 de ore de testare l-am dezinstalat si am revenit la V7.23. Sunt probleme cu bookmark-urile (se incaleca uneori unele peste altele), cu ferestrele popup-help (care apar si nu mai dispar), alte bug-uri la interfata. sux.
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Nero Burning ROM
Changes from Nero to

Nero Burning ROM / Nero Express 6:
  • Added support for new recorders
  • Fixed wrong DVD+R VR flag detection routine
  • Allow to select recorder in NE when loading Double Layer image
  • Fixed wrong DVD Video label on Asian systems
  • Enabled switching the fullometer when switching CD EXTRA audio and ISO part in NE
  • Fixed a problem accessing internet CD database by increasing the timeout for users with slow internet access
  • Fixed that Double Layer multisession disc cannot be copied
Nero Burning ROM:
  • Added data in multisession DVD+RW was not written correctly
  • Added data in multisession DVD-RW was not displayed correctly
mIRC 6.15
- SJIS/JIS support and various multi-byte display/mark/copy issues
have improved,
- the 'reload' logs feature has improved to make sure it reloads the
correct log files,
- support for SSL has improved to make sure mIRC always uses an SSL
port when reconnecting if it was using one in the prior connection,
and some issues with SSL key files and SSL root certificates have
been solved,
- a small memory leak has been plugged, port selection for DCC and
other connections works more smoothly, and issues with random port
selection, the /fserve maxgets limit, and DCC Get via http
proxy/socks are solved.
Koepi's XviD Codec 1.0.1 Final
- (core) small trellis bug which probably reduced sharpness of the image, but possibly even produced artifacts
- (core) motion estimation buglet slightly reduced b-frame's quality
- (core) 1 fps files failed to decode
- (core) intra coefficients were sometimes not clipped correctly, which might (in theory) produce artifacts (don't worry, noone has seen the artifacts yet)
- (core) if two p-frames were more than one second apart, b-frames in between are not decoded
- (VfW) video was not playable via ICM (mplay32.exe, files embedded in Office applications etc)
- (VfW) calculator did not open many useful audio/subs extensions by default
- (VfW) calculator calculated audio size wrong when given bitrate and length (2.4% error)
BSPlayer version 1.00 RC1 Build 809 was released (16 Jun 2004)

Latest news/changes

- Fixed problem with Matroska files with only audio streams
- Sometimes audio stream names with Ogg files was corrupted, fixed
- Selected audio output device will now be remembered when switching audio streams
- Sometimes skin would revert back to base skin, should be fixed now
- Fixed bookmark editor
- Fixed problem with freezing when seeking
- Movie length was displayed as 0 after stop, fixed
- Last subtitle line was still displayed after switching subtitles off, fixed
- AC3 filter will be visible now in filter list
- If video window was left on secondary monitor and in full screen mode, position wasn't remembered, fixed
- chapters from ini files should now be read like in 0.8xx versions
- ini shutdown option wasn't working, fixed
- fixed bug with resolution switching in full screen mode
- fixed freezing problem with some skins under Windows 98
* filters defined in bspfilters.dat will now be loaded even if other libraries are required (for ex. require xvidcore.dll), just put them all in .\filters directory
+ added option to open locked (in use) files
+ subtitle position will now also work when 'Draw subtitles to overlay surface option is checked'
+ Subtitle language for subtitles in Matroska files is now properly displayed
WinRAR 3.40 beta 1
1. "Fastest" (-m1) RAR compression method has been modified to provide much higher compression speed and lower ratio. It may be useful for tasks requiring the high speed like regular backups.
You may increase "Fastest" speed even more selecting 64KB compression dictionary instead of default 4MB.

2. WinRAR is able to decompress archives created by Unix 'compress' tool (.Z files). Like GZIP and BZIP2 archives, WinRAR opens tar.Z and .taz files in one step, so users do not need to unpack .tar manually.

3. WinRAR is able to decompress archives created by 7-Zip (.7z files). "Find" command is not supported for this archive type.
Plus alte câteva schimbări destul de puţin importante. Se pare că îmbunătăţirile la WinRAR sunt, de ceva vreme, doar cosmetizări, fără nimic deosebit la capitolul compresie.

Noul mod 'fastest' e chiar foarte rapid şi fără o rată de compresie prea slabă.

Edit: am făcut un mic test, arhivare 22 MB. WinRAR 3.40 'fastest' rulz. :smile:


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Mirc 6.16
Full list of Fixes and Additions in mIRC 6.16:
1.Fixed $did().seltext/text bug.
2.Fixed /hinc /hdec result message bug.
3.Fixed $ssl not being set correctly if not connected to a server.
4.Fixed $chr(160) SJIS/JIS gpf bug.
5.Fixed while/continue/break bugs.
6.Fixed /filter -ntk returning incorrect line numbers.
7.Fixed mdi window display bug with maximized windows.
8.Fixed /list -min -max values being offset by one.
9.Fixed URLs list sort bug for ? items.
10.Fixed $serverip not working in on disconnect event.
11.Fixed handling of different server formats for numeric 328.
12.Added $input() option 'u', makes input dialog use currently active window as the parent window, including custom dialogs.
13.Fixed $result not working in $iif() and some other identifiers.
14.Fixed :error detection not working for /splay and /alias commands.
15.Fixed dcc get open folder bug when filename contains commas.
16.SJIS/JIS is now applied to messages only if you have a window open that uses the SJIS charset, as in previous versions.
17.Added /if iswmcs case-sensitive wildcard match comparison.
18.The $pnick and $play(1).pos values are now updated after the on PLAYEND event is triggered.
19.Fixed /alias reporting incorrect error message when alias can't be removed.
20.Fixed /filter incorrectly retaining indentations in lines.
21.The $ifmatch identifier now returns the value of the previous if comparison, even if it failed.
22.Fixed $did().next/prev bug.
23.Added /window -H switch to enable @window listbox auto-hide.
24.Fixed notify list bug with popup menu using incorrect server connection with aliases.
25.Fixed $ial() not being updated after a /hop.
26.Added $v1 and $v2 identifiers, return values of first and second parts of an if comparison. Note: $v1 replaces $ifmatch, however $ifmatch is still supported for now.
27.Added $insong.pause returns $true if song is paused.
28.Updated support for numeric 489 due to different meaning across networks.
29.Fixed /uwho numeric processing bug.
30.Fixed background display/resize bug with desktop windows.
31.Fixed highlight feature gpf bug.
32.Added /drawpic -o command, indicates that you have specified an [N] value before the filename which is the index of the icon in the file.
33.Updated $disk() to work with mounted NTFS drives.
34.Fixed /hop bug.
35.Fixed $file().size limitation
36.Improved support for multiple server formats for numeric 338.
37.Added $comval(name,N,member) identifier, returns member values for the Nth retrieved instance ie. enumerated collection.
Opera 7.52 is OUT

Changes since Opera 7.51

-Fixed a URI obfuscation weakness enabling impersonation of legitimate web sites. Illegal characters in addresses will be stripped. This addresses Security Focus Bugtraq ID #10517.
-Solved frame injection vulnerability that allowed for spoofing (Secunia Advisory SA11978).
-Solved certificate verification problem.

-Changed search.ini to ensure correct default dictionary and encyclopedia searches. On how to protect customized files from being overwritten, see Release Note.
-Changed main toolbar. Now includes options Open, Save, Print, Find, Home, Panels, Tile, and Cascade.
-Various stability and rendering improvements.
-"Show in" submenu for messages now has nested display of nested filters.
-Corrected message reply behavior when View > Encoding is set to autodetect.
-Fixed SSL renegotiation problem causing login trouble on certain secure sites.
-Solved issue concerning JavaScript method "confirm()".
-Various encoding-related improvements to accommodate Japanese language version.
BSplayer version 1.0 final release (16 Jul 2004)

After six year of development BSplayer has finally reached version 1.0
Rendering engine was written from scratch, user interface is more user friendly, it's low on memory and CPU consumption.
With all great features BSplayer brings the best out of video.
And the best of all it's free.

Here are the changes from last build:

* Fixed problem with Matroska files with only audio streams
* shortcut for EQ wasn't working, fixed
* OSD position wasn't working when option 'Draw OSD messages to overlay' was checked, fixed
* audio stream names in Matroska files are now properly displayed
* fixed some bugs with ini/bsi files
* Matroska chapters will now be loaded in bsi files
* subtitle time correction was broken, fixed
* fixed problem with DV Type 1 files
* fixed some problems with OGM files (crash if subtitles were disabled)
* fixed problem with LPCM audio in VOB files
* subtitle time correction was broken, fixed
* some other bug fixes