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My Gentoo odyssey
You will hear, see, and read "RTFM" dozens of times before you're done.
Gentoo is a popular, powerful, well-crafted distribution that panders to your geek side to the nth degree. You want control? Gentoo hands you the reins and wishes you good luck.
Tipul cam are dreptate, dar cui ii pasa, alea sunt doar cateva din motivele pt care mie, de exemplu, imi place distributia, so do u wanna Gentoo? :rulez:
Must Have Applications for Linux Beginners
Switching to Linux is a huge step for those who still have some reservations about taking such a huge leap of faith. To make the transition as painless as possible, often times it simply helps to make sure that the person switching to Linux has a clear comparison of which applications they will be using on their new distribution.
Poate ii ajuta pe uni sa faca pasul decisiv, desi contine cam putina informatie.
MySQL Backup And Recovery With mysql-zrm On Debian Sarge
This guide describes how to back up and recover your MySQL databases with mysql-zrm on a Debian Sarge system. mysql-zrm is short for Zmanda Recovery Manager for MySQL, it is a new tool that lets you create full logical or raw backups of your databases (regardless of your storage engine and MySQL configuration), generate reports about the backups, verify the integrity of the backups, and recover your databases.
Jaffar, ar fi bine sa il citesti. :biggrin:
Keep your Web site online with a High Availability Linux Apache cluster
Failover clusters are used to ensure high availability of system services and applications even through crashes, hardware failures, and environmental mishaps. In this article, I'll show you how to implement a rock-solid two-node high availability Apache cluster with the heartbeat application from The High-Availability Linux Project.
Pacat ca lucrurile nu is chiar asa roz cum le prezinta nenea asta acolo.

P.S. Jaffare ar fi bine sa il citesti si pe asta :biggrin:
Why Linux will dominate the future of servers
George Weiss, Gartner's open-source analyst, recently said that Microsoft Windows will not suffer irreparable damage on the server side at the hands of Linux over the next five years. He's right. Microsoft will fall flat on its face all by itself, and Linux will pick up afterwards.
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PostgreSQL vs. SQL Server, Oracle: Enterprise-ready and able to compete
Matthew and Stones, authors of Apress' Beginning Databases with PostgreSQL, discuss the advantages and drawbacks of using this open source relational database management system instead of Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle Database Management System. They also explain why the choice of database toolsets dictates database choices.
Sper sa nu necesite si asta un split.
Linux for the supernewbie
So you have heard of Linux, you read somewhere that it is more secure, and runs a lot of the web services using something called LAMP (or something like that). You are curious, but you have a working system now (you know it's quirks, and how to workaround what doesn't work or to get it working) and are nowhere near ready to take the plunge.
Asta e pentru cei curiosi si nehotarati, care se pot juca linistiti in windows cu o masina virtuala linux oferita acolo. In urmatoarele capitole vor sa se ocupe de rularea de pe un livecd si in final instalarea.
My first 10 years with Linux
What's different these days from things 10 years ago? Red Hat is making a profit, for one thing. Linux is not only driving server hardware sales and hosting Apache Web sites, it's appearing in handheld devices, personal video recorders, and cell phones. Its superior security has resulted in it being used by intelligence agencies like the NSA and the CIA.
What do dependencies have to do with Free Software?
There is one huge difference between the free and non-free software that has some very practical implications in the way we use it. One of those implications are the dependencies between single software packages in the free software model. What do they have to do with the free software philosophy and why should not you be afraid of them? Read on to find this out.
Articol bun, dar care ascunde gunoiul sub preş. Mă aşteptam să conţină şi atenţionări de genul: orice soft care necesită un anumit soft GPL pentru a funcţiona va fi automat sub licenţă GPL. Free as in Freedom e softul licenţiat BSD. GPL e Free as in Communism.
Pisoi, interacţiunea între un soft GPL şi altul nu implică neapărat că al doilea trebuie să fie GPL. Trebuie să restrîngi aria dacă vrei să ai dreptate. Trebuie ca al doilea să fie GPL dacă e derivat din primul. Simpla interacţiune nu are nimic de-a face cu asta. Să ne reamintim că aceste licenţe au de-a face cu dreptul de autor asupra codului.

Iar diferenţa între BSD şi GPL eu o fac simplu: public ceva sub GPL atunci cînd vreau să mă asigur că al meu cod va rămîne public pe măsură ce se propagă. Folosesc BSD cînd public ceva ce vreau să fie cît mai larg folosit, cu accent pe folosirea efectivă.
MySQL se bifurcă:
MySQL has announced its intention to move forward with two separate products, MySQL Community and MySQL Enterprise.
Un interviu cu Marten Mickos, CEO MySQL, parte a unui articol interesant despre acest subiect.