Noi apariţii/versiuni de software popular

WinRAR 3.70
1. Numerous Windows Vista compatibility changes
2. Added support for ISO 13346 (UDF) file format.
3. Added Unicode support for ISO 9660 files.
4. Design changes in window displaying archiving and extraction progress.
5. GUI self-extracting modules supports new command line switches.
6. Operation progress is displayed when adding the recovery record.
7. Stack overflow vulnerability has been corrected in password processing module of console RAR and UnRAR.
Arhicunoscutul Total Commander a ajuns la versiunea 7.0.
New features:
* Updated user interface: flat buttons also on XP, new file list icons, drive icons, and bar icons (by external designer), icons in the main menu (optional)
* Separate background color can be set for odd and even lines
* Compare by content now allows to edit files, and to re-synchronize manually
* Separate tree panel: Either one for both file panels, or one for each
* Lister now supports a text cursor, allows to center images, and resize only larger
* Change attributes allows to use/change content plugin values
* File operation logging
* Show drive letter in folder tabs
* File system plugins can now support custom columns and thumbnails
* Multi-rename-tool: Allow to edit target names
* More options in copy overwrite dialog: Compare by content, Rename target, automatic rename, copy all smaller or all larger
* Exclude directories in "Show"-"Custom...", e.g. with *.* | .cvs\
* Increased maximum command line length
* Sort by additional columns, e.g. by size, then by date/time: Ctrl+click on additional columns
* Auto-complete path in command line, current directory, copy dialog etc.
* Use Shift+Del to remove unwanted entries from various comboboxes: Command line, search function, multi-rename-tool etc.
* Secure FTP over SSL/TLS. Needs OpenSSL dlls from
* Custom user-defined commands for main menu and hotkeys
* Alias commands for the command line for internal commands or external programs
* Overwrite dialog allows to show preview images and custom fields
* When a copy/move/delete/create directory operation fails due to insufficient rights, ask user whether he wants to copy as administrator. Also allow a user to read from an inaccessible directory if he knows the administrator password.
* Search on FTP servers
Lavasoft Ad-Aware 2007 Free

What's New in Ad-Aware 2007 Free?
* Redesigned Engine Benefit from superior program flexibility and more accurate scanning methods with all-new program architecture.
* Improved Code Sequence Identification (CSI) Technology Boost your privacy protection with precise detection of embedded malware, including known and emerging threats.
* Incremental Definition File Updates Save precious time and resources with smaller update files resulting in faster download times.
* TrackSweep - Control privacy by erasing tracks left behind while surfing the Web on Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera, with one easy click.
* Multiple Browser Support Choose Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Opera with expanded browser support.
* New Straightforward User Interface Effortlessly maneuver the complexities of malware detection and removal with our new user-friendly interface.

More Key Features
* User-Controlled Spyware Removal - Decide for yourself what to delete from your system and what to keep.
* Extensive Detection Database Stay protected with regular updates from the extensive library of identified and analyzed spyware.
* System Restore Point Easily revert back to your clean system to recover from a spyware attack.
IZArc 3.8.1510

-Fixed: Shell context menu under Windows Vista (Now IZArc is 100% Vista compatible)
-Fixed: Confirm File Overwrites when extracting *.tar.gz archives
-Fixed: Compress folders with file names beginning with dot (.test)
-Fixed: Shortcuts working directory when do CheckOut
-Fixed: Modify and update files in subfolders
-Fixed: Drag and Drop folder from an archive to Windows Explorer does not extract subfolders
-Fixed: Extraction process is terminated if some error occurs
-Fixed: Extract multi-volume ARJ archives
-Fixed: Check for update
-Fixed: Zip SFX archive crashes when is unable extracting directory to be created
-Added option to compress/extract archives in background (low process priority)
-Added 7-Zip SFX creation support
-Updated UnRar library
-Some small improvements
-Updated translations
VLC Media Player 0.8.6c

Various bugfixes, notably:
* Windows Vista compatibility
* Cropping in Direct3D
* Fullscreen change crash on Mac OS X
* RSS filter string overflow
* Few memory leaks
* MKV demuxer crash (related to seeking)

CDDA / Vorbis / Theora / SAP plugins:
* Security updates (VideoLAN-SA-0702)

* Fixed a problem with detecting embedded subtitles (GAB2 format) in AVI

* Updated FLAC API compatibility

* Support for new v4l2 encoder API

* New localisation: Arabic, Persian
KMP Player beta
· Improved KMP RealMedia Splitter to support more real formats
· Added "Load External Audio" menu (playback will be restarted)
· Enhanced multiple subtitles support
· Several bugfixes.
Cel mai bun player video de pe piaţă, în opinia mea. Versiunea anterioară într-adevăr avea probleme cu unele subtitrări, le afişa greşit, deşi aveam activat suportul "romanian" atât pentru tastatură, cât şi pentru limbă. Acum sunt redate corect.

Acum câteva zile a apărut şi K-Lite Codec Pack 3.20.
Prefer varianta full. Conţine cam toate codecurile necesare la PC-ul omului. Dintre acestea, cel mai des folosite de către mine sunt XviD (1.1.2), DivX ( şi MP3 (3.97). De asemeni, din pachet mai face parte şi ultima versiune de Media Player Classic, pe care o folosesc pentru vizionarea fişierelor mai puţin uzuale, care de obicei necesitau playere separate (*.flv, *.mov, *.rm, fişiere bink sau matroska).
1. CPU-Z 1.40.5
* NVIDIA nForce 560 chipset support (1.40.5)
* Intel Dynamic FSB technology support (1.40.5)
* Athlon 64 X2 BE & Sempron LE (TDP 45W) (1.40.5)
* SiS671/FX/DX/MX northbridge support (1.40.5)
* SiS968 southbridge support (1.40.5)
* VIA P4M800CE chipset support.
* Preliminary support for Intel Penryn CPUs family (45 nm).
* Intel Core 2 Duo E6x20, Pentium E2140/2160 processors recognition.
* Intel P35, G33, G31, Q35, Q33, X38 chipsets support.
* Intel GL960/GM965/PM965 chipsets support.
* AMD Athlon 64 "Lima" processor support.
* AMD Geode LX processor support.
* NVIDIA nForce 520 chipset support.
* New parameter "-console" to generate output in a command prompt (Windows XP only).
* New icon, courtesy of Techlogica.

2. Ad-Aware 2007

3. Wireshark 0.99.6
Security-related vulnerabilities in the HTTP, DCP ETSI, SSL, DHCP, and MMS dissectors have been fixed along with the iSeries file reader. See the advisory for details.

This release adds the ability to change columns without restarting Wireshark, display filter macros, HTTP object export, upper() and lower() display filter modifiers, and many more features.

4. HijackThis 2.0.2
7-Zip 4.48 Beta.

Am arhivat vreo 360MB de salvari de Oblivion. Cu WinRAR setat pe best compression am obtinut o arhiva de 118MB. Cu 7-Zip setat pe ultra am obtinut o arhiva de 29MB. Mai ramane sa lucreze un pic la viteza si la interfata (nici un recovery record n-ar strica) si ajung in topul preferintelor mele. Pe moment raman cu WinRAR ca arhivator principal, cu toate ca folosesc 7-Zip inca de la primele versiuni publice.
uTorrent 1.7.1

Changelog-ul este destul e lung.

- Change: Tweaks to XML parser
- Change: HTTP client now tries to acquire more data per request
- Change: speed up delete .torrent and/or data a bit (parallelize tracker and disk ops)
- Change: Only report downloaded, verified good pieces in tracker announce
- Change: Consider all filesystem which don't support ACL writable (which "fixes" an access issue with Wine)
- Change: improvements to auto uplink management on very high bandwidth connections
- Change: bt.auto_ul_max has been removed
- Feature: Now requires or asks for elevation on Vista if needed. Currently this includes installation, uninstallation, autoupdate, and if settings files are in the same directory.
- Feature: Several of the messageboxes now can be turned off from the messagebox itself, and some have radio buttons instead of yes/no/cancel etc.
- Feature: Several of the messageboxes are now taskdialogs on Vista; a couple use commandlinks instead of yes/no/cancel etc.
- Feature: uTorrent now has a 256x256 compressed png icon for Vista
- Feature: The top toolbar in the main window is now a rebar and will collapse the left portion as the window size decreases