Noi apariţii/versiuni de software popular

Comodo Firewall 2.4
What's New in 2.4?

* New! Added an optional system tray icon animation
* Improved! The activation does not require the user to activate the license
* Improved! Self defense : COMODO Firewall now verifies the digital signature of its own applications
* Improved! Application connections breakdown(In/Out traffic with correct traffic amounts)
* Improved! Reduced the false positive rates for the application behavior analysis
* Improved! Removed Non-TCP/UDP connection alerts until version 3.0
* Improved! DHCP stateful analysis : added MAC address verification for the DHCP server
* Fixed! Temporary 100% CPU utilization of Cmdagent.exe
* Fixed! Some incompatibility problems with various applications(SSM, Avast etc.)
* Fixed! Some folders were locked by the firewall causing unmounting problems
* Fixed! Few bugs reported through COMODO Bug Collection system
* Fixed! Few bugs which can cause DoS attacks against the firewall
IZArc 3.7 build 1420 - Download.
-Fixed: Extract of RAR archives with non English filenames
-Fixed: add hundreds of selected files using shell context menu
-Fixed: create CAB archives containing files and folders with relative path
-Fixed: create/update ZIP archives on USB drive
-Fixed: extracting of .Z archives containing files with no extension.
-Fixed: print Archive content
-Fixed: open an archive from favorites folders
-Fixed: extract ARJ SFX archives
-Fixed: 100% CPU usage when open file from an archive
-Fixed: modify encrypted files from an archives
-Fixed: wrong file extension when convert archive
-Improved 7-Zip BCJ2 compression
-Added "Open with IZArc" shell context menu item for all supported archives
-Added option to show shell context menu items for compressing archives
-Added option to include/exclude folder information when using "Add to.." shell context menu items
-Updated RAR DLL library
-Some small improvements
-Updated translations

Şi Miranda IM 0.6.3 a fost lansată pentru a remedia câteva bug-uri (în special legate de protocolul AIM), respectiv pentru a îmbunătăţi suportul UPnP. Download.
CCleaner 1.37.456
- Added support for loading/saving settings to an INI file rather than the registry.
- Added summary log for cleaning Firefox/Mozilla temporary files.
- Improved Vista compatibility.
- Improved 64-bit OS support.
- Added cleaning for Adobe Reader 8.0, IZArc, OpenOffice 2.1, PerfectDisk 8.0.
- Updated cleaning for Nero and Flash Player.
- Several performance improvements.
La numai câteva ore după versiunea 0.6.4, a fost lansată şi Miranda IM v0.6.5. Printre noutăţi se numără un sistem de notificare la apariţia update-urilor şi remedierea unor probleme cu upload-ul imaginilor folosite ca avatar pentru MSN.

Miranda IM v0.6.7 aduce îmbunătăţiri de stabilitate, inclusiv legate de problemele cu MSN.

FastStone Image Viewer version 3 beta 3 pare destul de stabil pentru a înlocui deja cu succes linia 2.9.
* Compatible with Windows Vista
* Improved performance in network environment
* Improved Multi-Page TIFF viewing
* Fixed a bug in handling 32bit BMP files
* Added slideshow option Include Following Folders. Now it is possible to play slideshow across multi-folders
* Multi-Page Tiff files can be modified and saved
* Batch crop images (lossless for jpeg files) in the built-in Batch Converter
* Use EXIF date/time (if available) in batch rename
* Support PDF format in Save As dialog
* Support Multi-Page TIFF and GIF printing
* Multi-Page Builder, which can combine multiple images into a single file (PDF or TIFF format).

Şi, cu scuzele de rigoare pentru că n-am fost "pe fază" mai devreme, Inkscape 0.45 vine cu o serie de funcţii şi opţiuni noi, implementate în special de participanţi la Google Summer of Code 2006 - Release Notes & Download.
* Gaussian blur is the first SVG filter supported by Inkscape. You can blur any object to any extent - yet it remains vector and fully editable. This gives a huge boost to Inkscape as a creative art tool.
* Display speed and interactivity: not only does Inkscape render faster, but it can now respond to user input before it finished redrawing the screen, which greatly improves the responsiveness (perceived speed or interactivity) of the program.
* History dialog makes it easy to to review your editing session and jump to any step of it, undoing and redoing multiple actions with one click.
* Several important tool features are added, notably the new selection mode in Node tool and the adjustable rounded caps in Calligraphic pen.
* Bitmap tracing works better for multi-color traces, sports a redesigned dialog and several new options.
* Many new extension effects are added, including Color effects and Pattern along path.
* The Outline mode has got many fixes and improvements, including a keyboard shortcut.
* Several new commands in Help menu open various Inkscape-related pages in your default browser, making Inkscape reference information more accessible as you work.
* Dozens of smaller features are added throughout the program, and hundreds of bugs are fixed.
A fost lansată şi versiunea finală de FastStone Image Viewer 3. Faţă de ultimul beta, schimbările nu sunt semnificative; dar faţă de versiunile anterioare, pe lângă cele câteva funcţii în plus, se simt şi nişte îmbunătăţiri la capitolul viteză în combinaţie cu foldere cu poze multe şi/sau mari.

GSpot 2.70a, utilitar pentru identificarea fişierelor video şi a codec-urilor instalate.
- Windows Vista Compatible (tested on 32-bit version only)
- Added MOV and WMV support (not fully complete)
- Extended MP4 support including ftyp identification
- Many bug fixes
Nu e chiar news, dar având ceva probleme, am căutat prin alte părţi şi am dat de Nero CD-DVD Speed v4.7.0.2.
Deja avem v4.7.5.0:
- Added TA jitter test for recent LiteOn drives
- Added support for DVD-RW DL and DVD+RW DL
- Disc Quality Test
- Improved jitter reporting for LiteOn drives
- Added recorder information in statistics window
- PI/PIF averages calculated differently
- Added support for hybrid discs
- File dialogs are resizable
- Small improvements and bug fixes
Ocazie cu care am aflat că există DVD+/-RW DL. :smile:
DOSBox 0.70
* Speed up the dynamic cpu core (certain games get much faster).
* Added a dynamic fpu on x86 hosts.
* Improved the cycle guessing code (and make it default).
* Better and more configurable joystick support.
* Improved the image and fat drives.
* Added nullmodem emulation.
* Various win 3.x enhanchments (video/audio/ems/win32s).
* Improved CDROM detection and support.
* Speed up the screen drawing code.
* Added support for different keyboard layouts.
* Various fixes to the (C/E/V)GA emulation.
* Extended and improved all types of emulated memory. (umb/ems/xms)
* Dynamic core should work on Intel Macs.
* Various timer related fixes.
* Added a few more graphic scalers.
Miranda IM v.0.6.8 - Download.
- AIM: Fixed issue with outgoing messages with double quotes
- AIM: Fixed issue with converting links in incoming messages
- IRC: Fixed crash with "perform" command in IRC options tab
- Jabber: Fixed auth error via SSL ("SSL negotiation failed")
- Jabber: Fixed OS version detection under Windows Vista
- MSN: Fixed idle mode support
- MSN: Fixed typing notifications
- MSN: Improved group handling
- MSN: Improved file transfers

LE: Şi Trend Micro HijackThis 2.0.0 Beta.
Silverex X-Chat 2 for Windows a ajuns la versiunea 2.8.0-1.
Inno Setup is updated. Hopefully, this time it won't need additional DLL files. GTK+ is now 2.10.9. X-Tray plugin was removed.

Şi, deşi nu ştiu cât de populară e aplicaţia, cred că merită menţionată şi versiuea 2.43 pentru Cerberus FTP Server.
Version 2.43 resolves installation issues on Windows 2000, adds preliminary IPv6 support, and includes and option to always use the local address for passive commands when the connection is on the same LAN.