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1) Ce scrie acolo este lectura obligatorie la facultate.
2) Vaccinurile cu virusuri vii nu prea se mai utilizeaza la om.
3) Suntem in epoca in care toate produsele din reclame "protejeaza". Io zic sa lasam draq vaccinurile, ca sunt sintetice, pline de chimicale si chestii modificate genetic, nu-s deloc "eco" si poti muri din cauza lor!
Perfect de acord cu Marius, nu știu ce își imaginează oamenii că citesc medicii în facultate, Playboy?

The Latest Threat: A Virus Made Just for You
The authors of Flashback used a technique that Hollywood often employs to prevent movie and music files from being copied—they added functions that bound the virus to each infected system. The use of that technique prevented security companies from running the virus in their labs.

New research shows that a refinement to the technique could make automated analysis of malware nearly impossible.
Asta in caz ca cineva inca mai da bani pe antivirus. :biggrin:
Antivirus firms could attempt to foil such malware by creating a virtual machine that appears identical to the victim's system. But this could raise privacy concerns among users. To make the analysis more difficult, malware authors could create functions that interpret commands from the command-and-control servers using a key created from information about the computer's network location. Known as instruction-set localization, the technique would make commands meant for a machine based in San Francisco unrecognizable to a machine based in Boston.
Ma rog, deocamdata sunt teorii dar viitorul suna bine. Aaa, pardon asta era alta reclama. :biggrin:
Le strica doar automatizarea analizei, nu face analiza imposibila ci doar scumpa. Nu e bine, dar nici de disperat.