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OPN64 v0.3.0 - The AMD Processor Identifier
+ OPN64 now supports the following new processors:
- Athlon 64 (WinChester) 3000+, 3200+, 3500+
- Athlon 64 (ClawHammer) 4000+
- Athlon XP-M (AXDL) (Barton) 2500+, 2600+, 2800+, 3000+
+ OPN64 now supports the following new features:
- Displays revision for Athlon 64, Athlon 64 FX and Opteron processors
- Uses the two alpha characters to determine part specifications for Athlon 64,
Athlon 64 FX and Opteron processors.
- Now Displays model number in Hexadecimal (Previously Decimal)
+ OPN64 addresses the following issues:
- Incorrect model numbers for some Athlon 64, Athlon 64 FX and Opteron processors
- Plus (+) suffix for Athlon XP(-M) and Athlon 64(-M) processors numbers fixed
- Opteron x-Way fixed
- Fixed broken Athlon XP 'AXDA' support
iPod2PC 1.00 Beta
iPod2PC enables you to copy MP3-songs from your lovely iPod back to a PC's harddisk. Transfer easily your music library to another PC to play them there or make a backup of your songs. Even if you use your iPod as a "transfer medium" and copy songs without iTunes to your iPod, or if your iTunes DB-file became corrupt or unreadable - it shows them to you because all information are read from the ID3-tags in a MP3-song.


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SpeedFan 4.20

Added support for a new revision of Analog Devices ADT7463
Added full support for the SMBus in NForce4 chipset
Properly identified a new version of Winbond W83627HF
Added french, brazilian and slovak translations
Added ACPI temperature sensor
Added /NOACPISCAN command line switch
Added PWM configuration options for Winbond W83697HF
Added some code to avoid false LM80 detections
SmartGuardian setting is now left unchanged on ITE IT8712F
Added PWMOUT CLOCK setting in CONFIG / ADVANCED for Analog Devices ADM1027 and ADT7463, SMSC EMC6D103 and National Semiconductor LM85B and LM85C
Added support for SMSC LPC47B397 temperatures and fan speeds
CLOCK settings are no longer lost
USB Mouserate Switcher 1.0

Publisher's Description:
USB Mouserate Switcher lets you enforce a mouse polling rate of 250 Hz (4 ms), 500 Hz (2 ms) or 1000 Hz (1 ms) and lets you restore Windows' original "usbport.sys" (8 ms) if needed.
Latest Changes:
Windows 2000 is not supported any longer
Safe Mode not mandatory anymore, but still recommended
Seven minor "aesthetic" issues fixed


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Bandwidth Monitor Pro 1.30

Ver 1.30
Added : Option to show adapters IP, total transferred or nothing in the transferred bars
Added : Option to show the transferred amounts for the last x days, hours and minutes
Added : You can create a time period that starts at a given day of the month
Added : Entry can be added to a text file when an alert is triggered
Added : Time synchronization feature
Added : Downstream and upstream transfer rates are configured separately
Added : When exporting logs, the last used file ext. is stored
Added : Combined upload and download is displayed in the Transfer History
Added : Option to run as a service
Added : You can add text labels to the logging window
Added : Option to send the alert text as the e-mail title
Added : Value format and decimals for the Transfer History can be configured separately
Added : Reset logs
Change: Removed the need for shlwapi.dll
Change: Color changes are updated in realtime
Change: Support for up to 255 IP addresses
Bugfix: Stats could be messed up at newyear
Bugfix: Bug when using bit values in alerts
Bugfix: Error when minimizing
Bugfix: Setting the graph buffer to a value higher than 1850 crashed BMPro
Bugfix: Amount reported for "last year" was wrong
Originally posted by maska
Dupa aproape 1 an Gabest ne face o surpriza placuta: Media Player Classic (asta pe langa alte goodies).
Mda... nici o schimbare vizibilă afară de creşterea executabilului de la 1.3 la 4.5 MB. :mda:
Changelog-ul este destul de mare, au mai fost adaugate si ceva filtre.

Nu ma deranjeaza marimea exe-ului, ma bucur ca proiectul continua. :smile:
Mr QuestionMan 0.6
Utilitar pentru analizarea fişierelor audio de orice fel, raportând bitrate-ul, encoder-ul şi alte informaţii. Numărul de formate suportate este mare.
- added TTA support
- added Speex support
- added AC3 support
- added DTS support
- updated WavPack support to handle version 4 files
Iar dacă doriţi versiunea modificată de un român, puteţi încerca Mr QuestionMan ME.

Iată şi opinia autorului legată de modificarea sus-amintită:
First of all, what Miriam did might be okay in respect to the LGPL, but from an ethical/personal point of view, I feel disrespected and I'm very upset. He forked my application just a few hours after my official release, over an added feature that is a matter of a couple of coding minutes. I could understand that, if the development of the application was dead or the changes were significant. He made no effort to contact me prior to his release. Matter of fact, he STILL hasn't contacted me, it's obvious he has no intention to work with me and his only interest lies in his 15 minutes of fame.