Noi apariţii/versiuni de software popular

nLite 0.99.3 Beta
Driver integration moved after removal
Translation template updated
License mode option (win2k3)
Keep Media Player compatibility option
Black setup background option
Fixed: windows 2003 support
DNS Client
DHCP Client
System Monitor
Fixed: 16bit Support
Fixed: Sound Controllers (USB audio)
Fixed: Performance Logs and Alerts
VirtualDub 1.6.1 Experimental beta
Latest Changes:
Rewrote command line parsing so that arguments to /s, /p, and /b no longer require the parameters to be adjacent to the switch
New /i (invoke) command line flag runs a script and passes additional parameters to it, which are available as VirtualDub.params[n]
Unescaped, native-coded strings can now be embedded in a script using U"..." syntax
The Abort button on the dub status dialog now confirms by default for non-preview operations; this can be disabled in Preferences

Bugs fixed
Mărime fişier: 778KB.
Eudora for Windows - beta
  • IMAP: Fixed one case where deleted messages were not being removed from the TOC view
  • IMAP: Fixed crash when filtering IMAP messages that have been downloaded minimal headers only, are transfered by one filter and acted on by a second filter
  • EMOTICONS: Fixed bug where the cursor could move to the beginning of the next line when the user typed an emoticon trigger and it was automatically converted to the equivalent emoticon image
  • Fixed bug where ScamWatch complained that a URL is not valid when the domain name contains an underscore character
  • Fixed bug where ScamWatch incorrectly warned about URLs when the link text contains multiple trailing periods
  • Fixed bug introduced in where ScamWatch would incorrectly warn about attachments
Upgrade minor, rezolvă doar bugurile din lista de mai sus.
McAfee AVERT Stinger 2.4.4
Publisher's Description:
McAfee AVERT Stinger is a stand-alone utility used to detect and remove specific viruses. It is not a substitute for full anti-virus protection, but rather a tool to assist administrators and users when dealing with an infected system. Stinger utilizes next generation scan engine technology, including process scanning, digitally signed DAT files, and scan performance optimizations.

Latest Changes:
Added W32/Bugbear.j@MM
Added W32/Korgo.worm.aa.dam
Added W32/
Added W32/
Added W32/
Added W32/ - .ah@MM
Added W32/Pate.d
Added W32/Sasser.worm.g


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Asta-i bună, antivirus de 900 KB care detectează 45 de viruşi, în anul 2004. Cred că un programator de la McAfee se plictisea într-o noapte... :biggrin:
nu chiar, e pentru virusi mai "complicati" pentru care exista tool-uri separate. Asta e probabil o colectie de tool-uri ca sa nu mai descarci 45 de exe-uri.
Originally posted by popetes
Deşi încă popular, nu recomand nimănui acest soft pentru că este plin de spyware. :damn:
Din curiozitate am intrat si eu pe site-ul lor si am gasit chestia asta pe prima pagina. Oare ce sa cred? :smile:

Oricum, exista retele P2P mult mai bune din toate punctele de vedere. Kazaa este o relicva a trecutului.
jv16 Power Tools 2005 beta 1
Jv16 PowerTools provides the best solutions to maximize the performance of your PC. You can diagnose, monitor and tune up your computer, and it`s easier you would ever believe! The program contains advanced tools for your computer, it`s really hard to even imagine the power the program can give you before trying it yourself. Beside the normal maintenance tasks, such as cleaning the whole system, you can make many common tasks in your Windows environment much easier. Make the program to automatically clean up your system every Friday at noon, or make it to compile all the news from the Internet right to your desktop.

CWShredder 2.1
Updated to remove the new variants once they come out.:hihi:
HashTab Windows Shell Extension este un program pentru verificarea integritatii si autenticitatii arhivelor. Suporta MD5, SHA1 si CRC-32. La instalare apare mesajul "HashTab is the coolest thing ever." Nu e chiar asa, dar este un program original si foarte util. :smile:


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HijackThis 1.99 Final
  • Added O23 method: NT Services, which lists all (non-disabled, non-Microsoft) services, like Msconfig.
  • Added 'Action taken' info to 'More info on this item' dialog.
  • Integrated ADS Spy into HijackThis, 'Misc Tools' section.
  • Added Spybot-like intro frame for first-time users with access to common tasks.
  • Added /autolog commandline parameter to automatically scan, save a logfile and open it.
  • Fixed bug when item with IP in a Trusted Zone entry (O15) wasn't fixed.
  • Added 'Trusted IP ranges' to O15 method.
  • Updated Ignorelist, Backups list and Process manager to allow multiple selected items.
  • Fixed bug where a hosts file with inproper linebreaks would hang HijackThis.