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Lian Li PC-A55 Case Review: Unfortunate Name Befits the Design.

Ultimately I feel like all Lian Li's engineers have done with the PC-A55 is prove that they could make a small case that could still support a full ATX motherboard. In the process, we lose a tremendous amount of thermal efficiency and acoustics go up catastrophically as a result. What are we left with? Unfortunately, a case I can't find any argument for.
Mie imi place conceptul: taiat din 5.25 drive bays inutile (chiar si asta ramas ar putea zbura, ramane mai mult loc pentru cablurile sursei sau chiar un slot de 3.5 in plus), mutat sursa in locul liber, scazut inaltimea semnificativ. Daca fac si una miniATX in genul asta si mai bine :smile:
BitFenix Shinobi XL Case Review: Something is Lost in the Process.

Conclusion: Lost in Translation

Let me first come clean and say the BitFenix Shinobi XL is by no means a bad enclosure. Performance is at least reasonably competitive, and while it doesn't achieve Corsair levels of ease of assembly, it's nowhere near as difficult as some of the more elaborate Lian Li and SilverStone cases can be. People looking for a good water-cooling enclosure are definitely going to want to check it out, as the case is capable of supporting a cumulative 1080x120mm of radiators. In many ways this is what Corsair was gunning for with the Vengeance C70, but I think BitFenix has done a better job here.

The problem is that if you're not planning on doing any serious water-cooling, the Shinobi XL loses a lot of its luster. Acoustically it's among the worst of the cases we've tested; it's noisy even under idle conditions, and that noise doesn't come with commensurate thermal performance. As a big fan of the original Shinobi, I feel like the XL causes the brand to lose a little bit of its luster. This is now basically BitFenix's premium offering (alongside their Colossus), but their generally excellent performance south of $100 is nowhere to be found here.

On a more subjective note, I also feel like the Shinobi XL isn't as aesthetically appealing as its smaller sibling. The design language just doesn't scale up quite as well, and in many ways I don't feel like the aesthetics and design are competitive with other cases in this price class.

I'd say if you're looking for a good case to do a custom water-cooled build inside, the Shinobi XL is probably worth considering. Users planning on doing air-cooling or using smaller closed loop coolers need not apply, though; the much less expensive Antec Eleven Hundred is going to be both quieter and cooler.
În sfârșit o carcasă mITX care nu e mai mare de 60-70% dintr-o carcasă full ATX - adică chiar e utilă. Dacă aș avea nevoie de un desktop cu mITX aș folosi-o. Doar că nu e chiar compatibilă cu orice monitor, chiar dacă are VESA. La monitoarele mele (pivotante) trebuie să dau piciorul jos ca să am acces la VESA mount. Dar ar sta ok pe spatele televizorului.
E pentru pasionatii de MS Train Simulator, RailWorks, Trainz si BVE.
Oare cand o sa apara primul MMO simulator de tren?
Îmi place cât de "utilă" arată carcasa aia imensă cu o placă uATX înăuntru.
In sfarsit a aparut carcasa mea de vis! :biggrin:

De ani de zile ma gandeam ca-i perfect plauzibil sa faci o carcasa in genul celor folosite de amplificatoarele audio, la o adica daca un monobloc in clasa A poate degava pasiv sute de watts de ce nu s-ar putea aplica treaba asta si la un calculator. Sigur, sistemul din link este doar asa de poze, dar poate doamne-ajuta se inspira cineva de acolo si face o carcasa mai generica pe acelasi sistem...