Noi apariţii/versiuni de software pentru Linux

Distribuţia Mandrake a ajuns la versiunea cu numărul 10.
Mandrakelinux 10.0 features the following software:
- Kernel 2.6.3
- XFree86 4.3
- Glibc 2.3.3 with Native POSIX Threads Library (NPTL) support
- GCC 3.3.2
- Apache 2.0.48, Samba 3.0.2, MySQL 4.0.18
- ProFTPD 1.2.9, Postfix 2.0.18, OpenSSH 3.6.1p2
- KDE 3.2, GNOME 2.4.2, IceWM 1.2.13
- 1.1, KOffice 1.3, Gnumeric 1.2.6
- Mozilla 1.6, The GIMP 1.2.5, XMMS 1.2.9
Motiv de fericire pentru cei ce se uita cu jind la Mac-uri. Avem un emulator! Bine, stirea e cam veche, nu a fost asa mult mediatizat emulatorul, dar nu conteaza. Linkul:
Ruleaza si in Windows si in Linux. Am inteles ca trebuie un sistem destul de bunicel (1600 si 512MB - procesorul folosit la maxim). Acum mai trebuie sa facem rost si de SO...
Plug-in pentru PostgreSQL

Acest plug-in permite conectarea procesorului de texte OpenOffice.Org Writer la o baza de date PostgreSQL, in vederea extragerii directe a diverselor date, fara a mai fi necesare alte operatii.
Plug-in-ul este disponibil aici.
Pentru instalare, viziteaza
Wednesday August 4th, 2004 today released minor upgrades to three of its major products. Firefox 0.9.3, Thunderbird 0.7.3 and Mozilla 1.7.2 are all now available. These three new releases were created to correct 4 possible security vulnerabilities in past versions of each product.
O noua versiune de drivere NVidia

NVidia a lansat versiunea 1.0-6111 a driverelor video pentru Linux. In principiu contin rezolvari pentru diverse probleme.
Link catre driverele pentru platfoma IA32.
Link catre driverele pentru platforma AMD64.
VectorLinux 4.3RC1 a fost lansat

Aceasta versiune beneficiaza de kernel-ul 2.6.7 si foloseste ca interfata grafica Xfce 4.0.6 sau FluxBox .9.9. Poate fi descarcat de aici. Fisierul ISO are aproximativ 324MB.
Drivere AtiRadeon 3.11.1 Linux

Nu aduc multe modificari. Ofera suport pentru placile FireGL X3-256 si Radeon X800 (varianta AGP). Le puteti descarca de aici.
Linare Linux Professional Edition
Linare Offers Professional Edition Linux: Great For Businesses

BELLEVUE, Wash.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 2, 2004--Linare Corporation, a manufacturer of software and hardware focused on the Linux platform, now makes it easy for businesses to take part in the rapidly growing Linux revolution. Starting this week, Linare Linux Professional Edition will be available to corporate and government sector customers for $40 per license.

Linare Linux Professional Edition is a powerful core operating system designed for the desktop platform. The Linux platform, originally designed by Linus Torvalds, is now considered one of the world's top operating systems. Linux is revered throughout the world as a cost-efficient and user-friendly alternative.

"Linare Linux Professional Edition makes it easy for the companies to migrate from windows operating system," said Linare Chief Technologist Dr. Dominic Paulraj. "It will also save them a substantial amount of money. It provides a more reliable operating platform with powerful User Interface."

Features include a user-friendly installer, advanced User Interface with new theme, reliable Linux kernel v. 2.6, KDE 3.2.2 graphical desktop environment, Open Office, Evolution Email and other utilities. Professional edition includes one year of phone and email support.

Screenshots of the new slick interface can be viewed and downloaded at

To purchase the $40 Linare Linux Professional Edition, corporations and government agencies can visit the Linare website at In order to facilitate the companies to get a feel for the Linux Desktop Operating System, Linare offers a free evaluation copy for a limited time till the end of August 2004 and can be ordered online at

For more information on this press release, contact Jill Beaverson-Dietz at 877-77-LINUX or

Linare Corporation is a manufacturer of software and hardware focused on the Linux platform. This technologically advanced operating system allows users to execute business and personal computing in a much faster, easier and cost-efficient way. The company also offers systems-integration services to help customers easily build and maintain Linux-based applications. Linare Corporation has international presence, operating in North America, Europe and Asia.
SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9

SUSE LINUX Enterprise Server 9 is first enterprise-class server to leverage 2.6 Linux kernel for powerful reliability and performance enhancements
Unique management capabilities with YaST and ZENworks Linux Management lower the deployment and administration costs of Linux systems
AMD, Computer Associates, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Intel, Oracle and others express support for latest Novell Linux offering
"Intel has released the first functional version of its Centrino/IPW2200 chipset driver for Linux (kernel 2.6.4+)"

In order to use the IPW2200 driver you will need the following:
- Linux (of course) with a 2.6.4+ kernel [link]. See README.ipw2200 for information on specific options required to be enabled in the kernel.
- Wireless Extensions (v16) and Tools (v27) [link]
- The IPW2200 driver. You can obtain the latest development snapshot below.
- The IPW2200 binary firmware image. The firmware can be obtained here.
KDE 3.3

Some of the highlights in KDE 3.3 are listed below.

New applications
- Kolourpaint, an easy-to-use replacement for KPaint
- KWordQuiz, KLatin and KTurtle expand the list of education packages for schools and families
- Kimagemapeditor and klinkstatus make life easier for web designers
- KSpell2, a new spellchecking library that fixes all of KSpell's shortcomings
- KThemeManager, a new control center module to globally handle KDE visual themes
- The Python bindings PyQT and PyKDE are now maintained with KDE in our CVS

Integration of desktop components
- Kontact is now integrated with Kolab, KDE's groupware solution, and Kpilot
- Konqueror features better support for Instant Messenging contacts, with the capability to send files to IM contacts, and support for IM protocols (e.g. irc://)
- KMail can display the online presence of IM contacts
- Kopete can display a "now listening to" message from amaroK
- Juk has support for burning audio CDs with K3B

Many small desktop enhancements
- Tab improvements in Konqueror, including scrollwheel switching
- An RSS feed viewer sidebar in Konqueror
- A searchbar for Konqueror, compatible with all keyword: searches
- HTML composing, anti-spam/anti-virus wizards, automatic handling of mailing lists, improved support for cryptography and a handy quick search bar all make their way into KMail
- Kopete gains support for file transfers with Jabber
- Quanta Plus has a VPL (Visual Page Layout) mode to make editing even easier
- aRts gains jack support, and aKode, a new multithreaded audio decoding/encoding library to replace mpeglib
- KWin has new buttons to support its full features, including "always on top"
- Over 7,000 bugs have been closed, and over 2,000 wishes have been fulfilled
- Over 60,000 lines of code, documentation and other contributions have been committed to CVS.
Lycoris a lansat o noua versiune a distributiei sale de Linux, cu denumirea Desktop/LX 1.4. Anuntul este accesibil aici. Lycoris nu este gratuit. Distributia poate fi cumparata de pe magazinul Lycoris online.


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FreeBSD for i386 ISO 5.3 Beta 1

FreeBSD offers advanced networking, performance, security and compatibility features today which are still missing in other operating systems, even some of the best commercial ones.

The quality of FreeBSD combined with today's low-cost, high-speed PC hardware makes FreeBSD a very economical alternative to commercial UNIX workstations. It is well-suited for a great number of both desktop and server applications.