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Cu ochiul pe ştirile din IT, am dat peste o mică bombă şi m-am gândit că ar fi bun un subiect despre lumea corporate a IT-ului, nu doar despre produse şi servicii.

IDG News prin PC World:

VMWare Replaces CEO, Shares Plummet

In a surprise move, virtualization giant VMware has replaced CEO and co-founder Diane Greene with Paul Maritz, sending the company's shares plummeting about 25 percent to roughly US$39 in afternoon trading.

The precise circumstances of Greene's departure were not immediately clear in the statement issued by the company. VMware did not explicitly correlate the announcement with another piece of news it revealed Tuesday -- that it expects full-year 2008 revenues to be "modestly below" its previous estimate of 50 percent growth over 2007.

Maritz has served as president of EMC's Cloud Division. He is also a former Microsoft executive who managed marketing and development for products such as Windows 95 and Windows NT.

In 2003, Maritz formed Pi Corporation, maker of cloud-based personal information management software, which was acquired by EMC earlier this year.

Incă o cucoană a fost retrimisă la electrocratiţă :
Alcatel-Lucent (ALU) CEO Patricia Russo survived a string of quarterly losses and catastrophes at her company that would have put a lesser person down. She remained bloodied by unbowed as ALU reported tremendously poor results and made repeated missteps. The firm reported a loss of 1.1 billion euros ($1.73 billion) for the second quarter, or $.77 U.S. a share, wider than the 586 million euros reported last year.

Russo could no longer cheat the hangman.

The merger of Alcatel and Lucent was probably a failure before the marriage papers were signed. Each company has a strong foothold in the network equipment industry. The combination was based on the usually excuses for such link-ups. Putting two related companies together expands the product line, increases sales fire-power, and allows for putting the torch to hundreds of millions of dollars in "redundant" costs. The trouble is often misidentifying what is and is not redundant.

Russo and her top people took the company through a series of wrenching lay-offs. With each cut, the company bled out on the floor a bit more. During the process, ALU lost two-third of its market value.
Synergy is a misleading word for the notion that 1+1=3.

The actual math is almost always much less compelling than that. Russo was able to preserve the illusion over enough time to keep her job much longer than she deserved.
Fujitsu-Siemens ar putea deveni doar Fujitsu. Sau doar Siemens. Sau nimic.
On Wednesday, the WSJ and Forbes reported that Siemens would like to dump the Fujitsu Siemens joint venture. The 9-year-old joint venture has annual revenues of about €6.6 billion ($10 billion).
AMD Splits in Two.

Today AMD announced a shocking decision that will rock the computer industry -- in order to try to stay competitive, it is splitting in two. From the ashes of AMD will rise two companies. One will design chips and keep the brand name. The other, officially named the Foundry Company, will manufacture chips. The two companies will work closely together, but be independent.
2008. can exclusively confirm that Taiwanese technology company abit, which is associated primarily with high-end and gaming mainboards, will stop producing all mainboards at the end of 2008.
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Numa' bine, ca in iarna planuiesc upgrade-ul la PCI Express. Se vor iefini placile de baza AM3 pana atunci. :hihi:
No more Athlon triple core la 300 lei si phenom quad la 450? Ok, Sempron il inlocuiesti cu e-350 dual core.Athlon ii in schimb il inlocuiesti cu maretul llano?

Erm, eu inteleg ca e APU and stuff dar totusi, cine cauta cel mai raport pret/performanta in bani putini iese mai bine cu mobo ieftin pe AM3+x3 la 300+ceva gts 450 la 400 lei. Daca e sa ia llano o sa dea 550 pe procesor, vreo 350-400 pe o placa de baza decenta plus ca pe FM1 trebuie memorii cu frecventa ridicata pentru performanta maxima a graficii integrate.

Acum AMD macar mai avea avantajul asta a performantei bune la bani putini. Daca scot astea cu ce mai raman?
Stai linistit ca actualele procesoare low cost vor fi inlocuite cu altele din noua generatie.
Dacă mai văd aberația asta undeva jur că mă urc pe pereți :biggrin: Serios, HP renunță la PCuri? ROFL.
Dacă şi prin alte părţi consultanţa HP e la fel ca în România, n-au cum să trăiască din asta :smile:.
Din ce zice aici se pare ca divizia de PC-uri consumers desi profitabila aduce mai putine profituri ca altele. Se pare ca vor sa isi scoata majoritar banii din software (sau cel putin asa crede seful HP).
Nu înseamnă că va fi desfiinţată, cel mult că o vor face companie separată care-şi vede de treaba ei.