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Vand sistem complet Duron

Discussion in 'Vând hardware' started by dreamer, Apr 12, 2005.

  1. dreamer

    dreamer Little Devil

    Vand sistem complet in urmatoare configuratie:
    MB SiS 730 Video+Sound+Lan on-board, SDRAM, port AGP 4X
    CPU AMD Duron 850Mhz
    RAM Uniq 128MB PC133
    HDD Maxtor D541X 20GB
    CD-ROM Sony 48X
    Modem Conexant software
    Tastatura A4Tech KBS8 Multimedia
    Mouse PS/2 2but+scroll
    Case MiniATX 300W
    Boxe Philips MMS110 6W RMS
    Monitor 15" flat Philips 105S10
    Nu se da pe componente, poate doar unitate+periferice si monitor.
    Pret: 6 milioane usor negociabil.
    Contact: aici, PM sau mail/YM: allex_dd(@yahoo.com)