Cumpar seria de jocuri System Shock 1 si 2

Discussion in 'Alt tip de publicitate' started by mobutu, Oct 17, 2006.

  1. mobutu

    mobutu Membru Senior

    System Shock 1 (Looking Glass Studios)
    System Shock 2 (Irrational Games & Looking Glass Studios)

    Originale, in cutie, variantele CD-ROM, complete (pachet retail full).
    Ar fi super daca le-as gasi noi-noutze, sigilate, in Romania la vreun retailer/etailer, dar cautarile mele s-au terminat cu un lamentabil esec. Daca stie cineva de unde se pot achizitiona il rog sa ma anunte (vreun stoc uitat de lume, prafuit printrun colt) ...

  2. mobutu

    mobutu Membru Senior

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