Marius '95

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BSD is what you get when a bunch of Unix hackers sit down to try to port a Unix system to the PC.Linux is what you get when a bunch of PC hackers sit down and try to write a Unix system for the PC.
“In metric, one milliliter of water occupies one cubic centimeter, weighs one gram, and requires one calorie of energy to heat up by one degree centigrade—which is 1 percent of the difference between its freezing point and its boiling point. An amount of hydrogen weighing the same amount has exactly one mole of atoms in it. Whereas in the American system, the answer to ‘How much energy does it take to boil a room-temperature gallon of water?’ is ‘Go fuck yourself,’ because you can’t directly relate any of those quantities.”
Dacă citos sea sufletul, canci ci clel! :hihi:
Dacă dragoste nu e, nimic nu e!
Citatul era afișat pe frontispiciul unui ziar al naționalităților conlocuitoare (pe atunci) din Slobozia. L-am văzut când făceam armata de după facultate prin '90. :biggrin: