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Motan agresif
Sugar daddy
Oct 16, 2005
The Emerald Dream
man walks into a pet store
He tells the attendant that he is chasing something a little different, “everyone has dogs and cats and birds and fish, I want something different”
The attendant says “I’ve got just the thing, here, we have a talking millipede”
“Perfect says the man, that sounds great ill take one of those”
He gets the millipede home and says “Mr. Millipede, would you like to go down to the bar and have a couple of beers?”
The man gets no response. Maybe he is a little shaken up from the ride home he thinks. I’ll give him 10 mins and ask again.
10 mins later the man says “Would you like head down to the bar for a beer?
Again no response. The man thinks to himself. I’ll give him another 15mins and if he doesn’t reply I’m taking him back.
15 mins later the man says to the millipede “mate, do you want to go down to the bar for a beer or not?!”
The Millipede replies “I’m putting my shoes on, asshole!
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