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Olivian Breda

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Aug 18, 2005
2 filme văzute - Ad Astra (2019) și Abominable (2019) . Spoiler alert!
Ad Astra (2019)
  • On the positive part, I connected well with the characters. I enjoyed their emotions. It's just a single positive thing I want to say about the movie - this one -, but it is an important one.
  • It was just for children, almost nothing for adults. Very simple script, very simple jokes, very simple emotions. A cartoon can be made to also have some things which are more profound/complicated. This was just for kids, in my opinion.
  • There was almost no background plot - everything was in the first plot. In most movies, a character goes through an obvious quest, while also working on a deeper, more profound, plot. There was a second plot in the movie, but very poorly developed.
  • Lots of clichés.
  • I've watched the trailer. It had all the good ingredients - the main quest, good graphics. I saw that the makers of the movie also made "How to train your dragon" series. Good ingredients. The result from these two ingredients was disappointing, though.
  • At some point in the movie, some obstacles occurred. Generally, I say of a movie that it isn't creative enough, by solving problems merely by insisting, not by creativity and good thinking. In here, it wasn't even insisting. There is a wall in front of you - an obstacle. Suddenly, the obstacle isn't there. I exaggerate a bit, but this is pretty much how I've felt through the movie. What can you learn from an obstacle that just disappears? Not my kind of magic.
  • I don't like cartoons which have poor graphics. This one had very good graphics, but I didn't like the movie that much. 8/10 seems like a high grade, it's mostly due to the fact that I connected nicely with the characters.

Abominable (2019)
  • What I liked a lot about the movie was the perception of space. It brought me there. The visual aspects of the movie were great. The music was fine, but just fine, nothing very much special.
  • The movie had a single solution for solving problems - insisting. There's a problem? You persist, and then the problem disappears. No creativity, no ideas, no brain. You just insist. In fights, with other people, with the monkeys - you just need to insist. Are you captured? If you insist, you'll get out. Your father doesn't agree with you? You insist, and he changes his mind.
  • I like the idea I've read much earlier from Gala Galaction - you need to be strong, without being too powerful, and soft, without being too weak. Nice.
  • It seems to me a bit illogical at some points - pirates on the Moon (where could they hide?). Not committing suicide for a huge amount of time, and then just doing it at once.


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Sep 2, 2005
Twilight Zone
Terminat sezonul 4 din The Man in The High Castle. Banuiesc ca e ultimul dupa cum s-a terminat. Un serial misto.
Inceput S7 din Ray Donovan aseara. Se mentine in acelasi stil. Bun.
Ma uit si la Watchmen da' sunt cam debusolat ca n-am vazut filmul si nu prea inteleg chestii.
Am vazut si sezonul 1 din The Kominsky Method. Bun pentru mosnegi ca mine.
Vazut si sezonul 2 din Jack Ryan. E OK.
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